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Please read our Management Articles for a detailed review of how you should at least monitor your deer harvests and sightings.

The easy to use software is an online subscription service that allows you to access and update your own specific data using a computer, smart phone or tablet as long as the device has internet access. You do not have to download or install any software onto your own computer. Your information is securely stored and backed up automically every night.

Important:  Make sure you print out the entry forms on the right for your harvests and sightings and fill them in during the current season. This way you will have your data ready for entry either during the season or at a later date. You don’t want to miss recording your harvests and sightings for the current season because the reports that the software produces become more valuable as you get multiple seasons of history!

Please watch the instructional videos for a detailed explanation of how the software works. Everyone should watch the video for the Basic version even if you are interested in the Advanced version because the Advanced version includes the Basic version.

View a Quick Overview of the Software.

View a general comparison of the Basic and Advanced versions.

NOTE: This is an annual subscription. The annual subscription covers the costs for the software, the storing of your data, technical support and any software updates that may be done.  The subscription must be renewed every 12 months in order to continue using the software.  (There is a limitation of 998 deer harvest records per season. If you have an extremely large area and anticipate exceeding the limit, please contact us to discuss your options.)

Annual Subscription

  • $30.00 Basic Version (12 month subscription)
  • $50.00 Advanced Version (12 month subscription)


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Latest software enhancements:

Tweaked the entering of Deer Harvests to automatically bring up the next deer#.

Upon request we can give you the ability to combine the harvest information for multiple accounts. So for example, if you have purchased and set up five different accounts, in addition to getting your harvest totals for each property individually you can get the Harvest Reports for the five properties combined.

We have had some requests for pie charts and bar graphs to give a visual presentation of some of the statistics. On the “Deer Harvest Statistics” we now show pie charts for harvests by am/pm, by moon phase and by age. On the “Deer Sightings & Harvests by Year” we now show bar graphs by season for Fawn Recruitment, Total Deer Harvested and Buck Harvests by Age.

We added another level of access to your account, which now allows 3 levels of access. The “Administrator” has full access to your account including changing contact information, passwords and property description. The “Advanced User” can access and update all information except the contact information, passwords and property description. The “Limited User” cannot update any information. They will only be able to view the various reports.

As a result of a couple of requests from deer managers who asked if we could show the estimated doe to buck ratio including fawns we did the following. On the Population and Harvest Estimate formula, we added the doe to buck ratio including fawns to the recap at the bottom of the formula.

When displaying your Harvest Information, you can now select to display “Bucks” or “Does”. This allows you to quickly scan through only the Bucks or only the Does harvested. In my case, I am able to select “Gary” and “Bucks” so I can quickly scan through all of the bucks that I have harvested for a specific season or all seasons.

For those of you who like working with your own spreadsheets we have added the ability for you to export your harvest and sightings information that you have keyed into our database to your own computer. This will allow you to run any special analysis reports that you may want in your own spreadsheet on your own computer. On our Harvests and Sightings screen instead of printing the report you will be able to “Export to File”.