Sharing Trail Cam Pictures with your Hunt Group (And maybe even your Neighbors or Clients)

The trail camera is the second most valuable tool that we utilize today to monitor and manage our deer population. If you’ve read some of my other articles you know that our most valuable tool is … [Read more...]

Try to think long term Results (Not just short term Reasons)

First of all let me start out by saying what I have said in many of my other articles. Everyone’s situation is different. From the guy that hunts on 25 acres to the group that hunts on 25,000 acres. … [Read more...]

State Deer Biologists have a difficult task

Let me point out that I am not writing this article to generate sympathy for state deer biologists. I am simply trying to explain the difficult task that they have in coming up with statewide … [Read more...]

Your Deer Population is a Resource

Many hunters have the philosophy (or situation if you prefer) where they go out in the woods hunting and if they see a deer they shoot it. After all it may be the only deer that they see throughout … [Read more...]

What is Hunting Pressure?

In this article I want to give you some examples of what we consider hunting pressure. These are by no means the only things that may be considered hunting pressure. These are just the main things … [Read more...]

It’s all about the Antlers

There’s something about a Buck’s antlers that just intrigues most hunters. Antlers come in all shapes and sizes. I prefer more typical looking antlers while my brother-in-law prefers non typical … [Read more...]

Should I track my sightings or do a Camera Survey?

One of the main questions that I am getting is whether people should track their actual sightings or just do a trail camera survey. Like I have said in many of my other articles “Everyone’s situation … [Read more...]

Antler Restrictions Gone Bad

In this article I want to review the intentions of an antler restriction and talk about some specific properties where an antler restriction is in place that is inadvertently protecting some older … [Read more...]

How old was that Deer that you harvested?

Every year I hear someone say that they wish they knew how old a certain deer was that they had shot previously. Even though they may be asking strictly out of curiosity the fact of the matter is, … [Read more...]

Can you manage your property?

Note: If your property is under high fence or you control thousands of contiguous acres, in addition to this article please read the special article for high fence operations since you have more … [Read more...]