About Us

This site was developed for deer hunters, deer managers and wildlife biologists. As technology improves it is inevitable that it will have more and more of an impact on deer hunting and deer managing. Digital trail cameras were the start of this big technological change. Trail cameras can now provide us with information that was difficult to determine and possibly even impossible to determine before. Even though many hunters use trail cameras as strictly a hunting tool my focus on this website is how to use them as a management tool. Most of us spend a lot of money on hunting accessories to help us shoot a deer but the time has come for us to invest into monitoring and managing our own individual properties. The tool we are providing will allow you to monitor your deer harvests, deer sightings and/or camera survey counts. You will be able to determine valuable information about the dynamics of your own deer population which in turn can help you maximize your hunting experience. If we can improve our hunting by keeping track of certain information then we’re all in!

Now for who I am. I have been an avid deer hunter for over 30 years and have been a computer programmer/design specialist for over 35 years. Today we’re known as software developers and software designers. As a result of my profession it was only logical that I put together some software that would allow us to try to monitor and manage our deer population. I put together my first version of the software back in 1994 and I have been tweaking it ever since trying to come up with the most important information we need to try to monitor and manage our deer population. Because of the increased interest in deer management we have decided to put this software on the internet and make it available to all deer hunters, deer managers and wildlife biologists. It is a valuable tool that will allow you to make intelligent decisions based on your own specific property or area. I can’t tell you how many deer you have, what your Doe to Buck ratio is, what your fawn recruitment rate is, what your deer mortality rate is or how many deer you should shoot. You need to determine this for your own specific property or area. We are providing you with a tool that will help you determine these various factors. Those of us who are trying to manage our deer population need to have this kind of information in order to make sound management decisions. You need to make your own decisions based on your own specific situation. Before you make the decision that you can’t manage your property please read my article “Can You Manage Your Property”.

On this website we also want to show you how to estimate the age of a deer on the hoof by showing you pictures and video. We especially want you to watch our video of a buck we called Piebald. We actually got video of him every year of his life and you will be fascinated at his antler growth each year. There will also be multiple articles covering various aspects of monitoring and managing your deer population. Periodically we will be adding new articles, trail cam pictures and video to this site. But, the software and your information are online and available 24 hours a day!

We hope you enjoy!