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We stopped guessing and assuming…

  • How many deer have you and your fellow hunters harvested
  • the last few seasons?
  • Are you seeing more or less deer than you used to see?
  • Can you estimate your Doe to Buck ratio?
  • Can you estimate your Fawn Recruitment Rate?
  • Can you estimate your Deer population?
  We can't answer these for you But with minimal record keeping you can answer these questions yourself for your own specific property ! Just take a look at the software that we have developed and continue to enhance.

The software is very easy to use !
Since the software is a web based application you can access and update your own specific data using a computer, smart phone or tablet as long as the device has internet access. You do not have to download or install any software onto your own computer. You can login and access your own specific data from anywhere that you have internet access (from home, at work , at club meetings, etc.). Your information is securely stored and backed up automatically every night. I can’t emphasize how important it is to be able to look back at the last several years and know exactly how many deer we have harvested season by season. I can tell you exactly how many Does, Bucks and Fawns we have harvested since 1996, as well as when they were harvested and who harvested them. We know with certainty if our deer harvests, fawn recruitment and doe to buck ratio are going up or going down each season.

Please read this Quick Overview of the Software to see how easy it is.

Maximize your hunting experience!

We feel that we have great deer hunting but does that stop us from trying to make it better? “Absolutely Not” Whether you feel that your deer hunting is poor or your deer hunting is excellent we should all try to make it better. What is great this year may not be great next year. By monitoring our deer harvests and camera counts or sightings, we know with certainty if the dynamics of our deer population are changing or not. You should be able to recognize a problem or see an improvement based on facts and not fading memories.
If you are already keeping a log book then you should enter that information into our web application. Then you won’t need to worry about losing your log books because all of your information is safely stored.

Watch our 5 seasons of video of the Buck we nicknamed "Piebald"

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