Can you manage your property? (High Fence or Large Acreage)

If your property is under high fence then more than likely you are practicing some serious deer management. The monitoring of your deer herd is extremely important to you because you don’t want your … [Read more...]

Deer Management Phase I (Monitoring your Deer Harvests & Sightings/Camera Counts)

Because I will be covering so much information I decided to break this information down into three articles. This first article will cover the monitoring of your deer harvests and sightings. Even if … [Read more...]

Deer Management Phase II (Estimating your Population & Harvest Requirements)

In this phase we are progressing into the Advanced Version of our software. I see high fence operations and private large acreage unfenced properties being able to utilize the following tools. The … [Read more...]

Deer Management Phase III (Buck Management)

First of all I want to point out that a lot of the things I’m covering in this article are not only being done today but have been done for decades. There have been hunters managing their properties … [Read more...]

How do you determine how many different Bucks you have?

In my other articles I indicated how we must use our trail cameras to determine approximately how many individual (different) Bucks we have. Anyone can set up a camera and count their number of … [Read more...]

How we estimate our Deer Population and Harvest Requirements?

I recommend that if your property is not under a high fence then you should not attempt to calculate your deer population using the number of individual Bucks that you counted. The reason for this is … [Read more...]

Are you shooting too many Deer?

I know that this sounds like a ridiculous question to many of you. After all we just go out hunting and if we see a deer we shoot it, right? I know that there are situations where this is exactly the … [Read more...]

Analyzing your Bucks antler characteristics

I want to review how to analyze the antler characteristics of your Buck population for the possible implementation of antler restrictions. There are some states, counties, townships and large private … [Read more...]

Why and how we video our own Deer while hunting

Let me first cover why we enjoy taking a video camera to the woods. We have been taking a video camera with us to the woods since 1994. In 1993 my brother in law Ron and I decided that since we were … [Read more...]

How I use my Trail Cameras

My intentions in this article are to review how I use trail cameras to help us monitor and manage our deer population. I am not going to review all of the different kinds of trail cameras or all of … [Read more...]