Comparison of Basic vs Advanced Software

The basic version will allow you to monitor your deer harvests and sightings. As a result of keying in your deer harvests and deer sightings you will get the reports necessary for tracking your harvests and sightings. Please read my management articles where I review the reports that are generated or watch my instructional videos on the basic and advanced versions of the software.

The advanced version does everything the basic version does plus the following. You are able to enter antler measurements (for determining antler restrictions) when you enter the Bucks that you harvested. If you enter the antler measurements you can then get reports that analyze the antler characteristics. You can use these reports to determine if antler restrictions will work for you. You can also export your harvest and sightings information to a file on your computer so you can put the information into your own spreadsheets for your own analysis. Also in the advanced version you are able to enter and track the number of individual Bucks counted each season from your camera surveys. You will be able to use a formula to estimate your deer population based on the number of individual Bucks that you have. You will also be able to use a second formula to estimate your deer population and harvest estimate.


Software comparison